Lectures and publications

Relevant lectures and workshops:

  • MUPS in the making, in course Managing Science and Technology in Society
  • A systemic approach in pharmaceutical innovation, in course Clinical Trials and Health Care
  • The constitution of health care systems, as part of the Research Master Global Health
  • Innovatie in de zorg en de rol van de overheid, in course Management van Innovaties
  • Problems of modernity, the complex way out, in honours course Communication and Innovation in Health and Life Sciences
  • Persistent problems in health care, HSMO, Rotterdam
  • Conference paper presentation op EASST 2010, Trento, 1-4 september 2010.
  • The social brain; an introduction into the brain, behaviour and, (changing) habits, Pa-f, 29 augustus 2010, St Erme, France.
  • Transitions in health care; how did the current health care system come to be and how can we understand and solve its persistent problems? KSI-conference, Rotterdam, 3-4 juni 2010.
  • Conference paper, European Conference on Sustainability Transitions, Amsterdam, 6 juni 2009.
  • Distributed bodies: practices of disability and chronic disease, Amsterdam, 16 december 2009.


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